Notes on the use of lawn mowers

Source: ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC CO LTDRelease time: 2021-08-20

1. Use gasoline mowers (brushcutters) only in good lighting and visibility. In winter time, pay more attention to slippery areas, snow and ice, etc. (risk of slipping) and always stand firmly on your body.

2. Never cut at a position higher than your waist.

3. Never stand on a ladder to operate a gasoline lawn mower (brushcutter).

4. Never climb into a tree to use a gasoline lawn mower (brushcutter).

5. Do not operate on unstable surfaces.

6. Remove sand, gravel, nails, etc. from the work area. External particles may damage the knives and cause a very dangerous slew.

7. Before starting to cut, the tool must reach full speed.

8. Operate carefully and do not spill fuel or lubricant to prevent contamination of the soil (environmental protection). Clean the gasoline mower (brushcutter) immediately after spilling fuel.

9. Do not let the fuel touch your clothes. If the fuel splashes on your clothes, change your clothes immediately (to prevent your clothes from catching fire).

10. Check the fuel tank cap regularly to make sure it is tightly fixed and not leaking.

11. Tighten the fuel tank cap carefully and start the engine in a different place (at least 3 meters away from where you are refueling).

12. Never refuel in an enclosed space, fuel vapors can accumulate on the ground (risk of explosion).

13. Only transport and store fuel in approved containers and make sure that children do not come into contact with the stored fuel.