Zhejiang Gardentec Co., Ltd. advocates the "wolf warrior" culture. As long as we find the target, we must use wolf-like eyes to concentrate all our spirits, stare at the target, or die, and use the wolf-like sense of smell to find the target.

1. Do a good job of your own wolf den, and do a good job in the internal configuration of your own factory. The automation equipment should be well done. The incoming parts of the product must have equipment, instruments, standards, and personnel to control the quality of others.

2. We, Zhejiang Gardentec Co., Ltd.  want to learn the wolf's sense of smell, where our customers are, what products they need, and how we can satisfy our customers and customers, we must use our sense of smell to find precise objects.

From sub-investigating the market, to understand what customers need, we need to understand the needs of customers, even if it is a screw and color required by customers, we must meet the requirements of customers.

3. Zhejiang Gardentec Co., Ltd.   uses the ruthlessness of the wolf. After seeing the target, we must use our ruthlessness according to the change of the target. After seeing the target, we must be ruthless, even if we don’t eat, sleep, or go to the toilet. We need to keep up with our customers and understand them. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, we have received a lot of insults from our customers. Even if our lives are in danger, we will not give up. The answers and words that are dismissive of us are a step forward for our success. bitter medicine. Grab him, bite, don't let go.

4. Zhejiang Gardentec Co., Ltd.  must have the flexibility of a wolf, be considerate to employees, do a good job in safe production, and put personal safety above everything else. Be nuanced to customers.

5. Zhejiang Gardentec Co., Ltd.  must have the spirit of wolf's near-term care and far-sightedness. We must constantly hone our ability to find things and develop new products in a planned way.