The FARM BOXER brush cutter offer Quick Start system offers a quick,easy start.No hassle.No fuss.Every time.BC310 4 Stroke Engine is one of the most reliable in the industry!

BC310 is ideal for the professional whose needs range from regular trimming to clearing heavy brush,saplings,and small trees!Included is a 10 inch saw blade.

Balance and maneuverability are superb due to the optimization of the engine's center of gravity,as well as the location of the throttle assembly and handle.

The time for mixing and matching Oil and Gas are no more!BC310 mini 4-stroke engine runs on straight,unleaded gas.No need to mix gas and oil!
Highly fuel efficient design costs less to operate-up to 50%less than a two-stroke trimmer!More beefy Power,and Less Money Spent!
Flex shaft with limited lifetime warranty for increased durability and superior shock absorption.
Unique 360 degree inclinable engine can be used and stored in any position.
Quiet Line significantly reduces the trimmer's noise level for a more comfortable and stealthy trim.
BC310 creates less vibration than comparable engines.An advanced anti-vibration system is designed into the engine clutch housing to further minimize operator fatigue.

The U shaped handle design makes FARM BOXER BC310 more comfortable to operate,and offers precise control,allowing you to dial in those hard to reach places!
4-strokes don't burn oil like a two-stroke engine.Which means there's less smell and no smoke.
You can rest easy and play hard knowing your lawn mower is covered from top to bottom for up to 1 full years.
Designed to take on thick grass and heavy brush without bogging down.Strong low-end torque characteristics allow many jobs to be performed at partial throttle,increasing fuel efficiency.

BC310 31cc Mini 4-Stroke Engine
Runs On Straight,Unleaded Gas(No Mixing)
Bicycle Type Handles
Kwik Loader Head With Quiet Line
10"Brush Blade Standard
Quick Acceleration And Excellent Torque

What's in The Box

● BC310 Straight Shaft 4-Cycle Brush Cutter/String Trimmer
● Owner's Manual
●Tool kits


Unleaded Gasoline(86 Octane Or Higher)
Fuel Tank Capacity
22.0 Fl Oz.
Diaphragm Type W/Fuel Pump
Idle Speed
3,100+/-200 Rpm
Maximum RPM(No Load)
10,000 Rpm(Without Cutting Head)
L:75.0 In.   W:23.6 in.   H:15.9 in.
Dry Weight
15.4 Lb.
Engine Stop Switch
Slide Type Switch
Throttle Control
Two Motion Trigger
Main Pipe Diameter
1.0 In.(25.4mm)
Main Pipe Thickness
.06 In.(Aluminum)
Drive Shaft
Flexible Steel Cable
Shaft Support
Nylon Support Sleeve
Gear Ratio
Bike Type
Cutting Head
Kwik Loader 2 Line Head
Line Type
Cutting Width
Single Harness
Double Harness
Safety Goggles
Blade Barrier Kit
10 In.Brush Blade
Residential Warranty
2 Year

● No mixing
BC310 trimmers use regular unleaded gasoline.You never have to worry about mixing gas and oil.That saves time,effort,and hassles.
And with a FARM BOXER trimmer,there’s no chance for ruining an engine by using improperly mixed fuels.That’s a substantial advantage over 2-stroke models.
● Better fuel efficiency
The BC310 brush cutters 4-stroke engine is also considerably more fuel-efficient than a similar 2-stroke engine.Less fuel means less cost to operate.
And of course,you’re being more environmentally conscious when you’re using a fuel-efficient 4-stroke engine.
● Easy starting
FARM BOXER engines are famous for easy starting,and our trimmers are no exception.The superior design of our engines makes them extremely easy to start.Ask your dealer for a demo.You’ll be impressed.
● No smoke or smell
FARM BOXER trimmers are virtually smoke free,and there’s no unpleasant 2-stroke smell to ruin your day outside.And Honda trimmers have fewer emissions than a comparable 2-stroke trimmer.
● Superior performance
The BC310 engine has ample power to get the job done.These engines perform even in the toughest conditions.Strong low-end torque characteristics allow many jobs to be performed at partial throttle,increasing fuel efficiency.
Reliable,commercial grade engines
There’s a reason that Honda engines are legendary for durability.We pair a superior design with high quality components and meticulous manufacturing.The result:reliable,trouble-free engines and equipment.
● Quiet
2-stroke engines sound harsh and raspy,like a chain saw.But Honda’s mini 4-stroke engines are far more quiet–another great advantage of our trimmers.
● Low vibration
Low vibration means Honda trimmers are more comfortable to use.
● Operate in any position–even upside down
Honda’s mini 4-stroke engines are 360°inclinable.They can be used and stored in any position.
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