Portable handhold cultivators


FARM BOXER branded Portable handhold mini cultivators

This kind of Portable handhold mini cultivators were designed from hand hold hoe which the farmer often use in the field.

This was designed from a story:
December 20,2015,we went to our customers,one peasant is using our brush cutters to fix with some rotation systems with some blades to clear weeds roots,but his blades is not easy to fix and impossible to use,when we come back to office,we designed it and finished samples for this peasant,he was very glad,and then he spread this products to his all towns.

Specification and Dexcription
Portable handhold mini cultivators working head is different from grass cutters with metal panel blade.
This working head is fixed with 8 blades and cultivators,its function is mixed with grass cutter’s function and cultivators.the end users can take the weeds roots from the soil and then the weeds dry,no more grow.
But the grass cutter blade to cut the weed at the bottom,but its roots is in soil,so it the weed maybe can not dry,and it can grow up again for sometime.

So because oftwo different function.
The head can be used for small farmers or separated land,mountain,house garden and other place where big machines can not reach,We think,it is new revolution of the farm tools.
This heads can be used with brush cutters and two wheels brush cutters.Very convenient for the end user to change or assembly
This blade is very easy to assembly with all other models such as BC411,Makita 411,and other BC415 and BC520 models

This head fixing pipe diameter is 28mm and 26mm.
Inner shaft is 9T shaft or 7T shaft
It can be fixed all above said position.
The engine should be above 42.7cc and 52.7cc or more.
Hand-Hold brush cutters and Back brush cutter can fix this cutters.
Because the mini-cultivators and hoeing cutters heads need high torque power,so the engine must be powerful engines.
Above products,other products such as paddy cutters,chain saws heads are also available.

We are the factory to produce all brush cutters and working heads,if you need above products,we can accept your all quantity and you can chose other working shaft such as paddy cutters and long reach chain saws

We are the factory to produce above products,please check the warehouse

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