Light portable water pump WPN152


The pump body part construction is simpler,but its function is more than your expection:
1)It is pressure is high and is lift is 35 meters and its suction is 5--8 meters,it is better than the old models with brush cutter's engine.
2)Pump body is one whole part mould,leaking is low risk.
3)Outlet and inlet pipe is 1.5 inch,general is 1 inch.
4)The displacement of water is 235L/h;it is much more than the other which is 200 L/h.
5)Its weight is lighter than general old one,this is 8kg,it is more easier to carry.
6)Its constructer is more efficiency and simpler,repair service is less.
7)This water can be used for farm or Agriculture and farm,it is fast.

Durable 52cc 2-stroke commercial-grade engine is easy to start and provides ample power for the toughest conditions
2-stroke engine uses regular gasoline and oil–need to mix oil and gas
Compact and easy to use at only 6.5 kgs.
Standard transport handle
Garden hose adaptor,clamps,and strainer included,garden house 1’’connectors and 1.5’’connectors and inlet connectors 1.5’’
This portable Water Pump,powered by a durable 2-stroke commercial engine,is perfect for homeowners,gardeners,boat owners and more.It is lightweight,compact and easy to use.Easily portable at only 6.5 kgs.
Lightweight,Portable,Compact,general purpose
Come with everything you need,you just hook up a garden house
Easy starting with Durable commercial grade engine
Heavy-duty full-frame protection protects the pump and makes a convenient tie down location for transport
Reinforced pump body with no risk leaking problem.
Less assembled parts let you to easy service and parts in stock.
2 kinds of outlet pipe connectors are ready for you:1.5’’outlet pipe is for general purpose use such as gardeners,farmers,irrigation and watering tasks,1’’is for spring sprayers,high-distance objects and tall trees,washing task of dirty things and washer-cars.
Isolation-mounted engine and pump minimize vibration,preventing the pump from“walking”away or“burying”itself in soft soil and reduces wear on components for increased durability

1.These two models are close to current market current products,most of the customers can easly accept it.
2.After half years of water pump sales on market,the feedback is very positive:

1)The engine quality is very durable
2)The pump works better than expectation.
3)The pump body contractor is simply,but its function is more than itself.
4)The prices are quite worthy of its quality and function.

Now we have two models to fix with the pump,it can meet all markets.if you like this model,please let us know and we will
offer you solution for your market and your profit based on long time business.
These water pumps have the following functions,please check
Portable high pressure water pump

For gardening,leisure,camping,mountain farm job,Car washing and even other irrigation work,

this kind of constructer water pump is your first suitable option.
In your garden,just to pour the fuel and oil into its tank,easy start,
you can use to water the flowers,high trees or landscapes,

even have high pressure bath,easy to keep stock in your saved space.
The most important things for the farmer is that,lightweight,easy start,
one hand carry is the most suitable consideration,that’s it!Take it and go!

The unexpected things is that,when the engine starts,the water is going out,you want to have a small sleep
at the side of pool for 30 minutes,when you lye down for 20 minutes,the water in the pool is away.

If you need high sprayer heights, the outlet pipe can be used ,it is a amazing sprayers high pressure water.

If you have much time and thinking, you can buy some nozzle sprayers and fixed with the water pump, many unbelievable functions can let you to enjoy your life and gardening.

If our products are your choice,we can provide the samples for you to test or you can test 10 pieces on your market and then you can decide how to go ahead.

You can compare the following specification and compare what you want

Above models can meet your any choice if you are really interested in this kind of products.
We are the factory,not online shop,All data is list to let you to understand all you want.

You can compare the following specification and compare what you want

Above models can meet your any choice if you are really interested in this kind of products.
We are the factory,not online shop,All data is list to let you to understand all you want.
This model is produced only by our factory,you can not found any machines in China,so if you are our partners to sell this model,you will keep good profit and good market for this model at least 3 years,so please go ahead to test samples as soon as possible.
At same time,your suggestion and commend is very important for us to improve quality,we are always for you 24 hours.

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