CS400E chain saw is coming out to the market

Source: ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC IMP&EXP CO.,LTDPublication time:2018-01-12


GTARDENTEC branded CS400E is good at its power and performance,especially its outlooking is specially different from the 3800,its shape is compacted and more strongers

Oberviously,its starter outlooking shape is much featred as its own design,to let you feel stronger and powerful and compacted.let's see its specification:

Engine displacement:40.2cc

Max Power:1.7Kw/9500rpm

Matched guide bar: 12 inch,14 inch,16 inch

Weight without oil:4.7kg

From these data,you can see that,this is suitable at home use camp use,Portable and lightweight,powerful is her own featuers.

Anyway,if you want to get good solution for 1.0HP for the rules,normally solution with gasket can let you to clear customs with no problem,but we suggest our customers to follow the rules for the green world.

This chain saw artworks is also nice,especially for its small parts,so GTARDENTEC branded chain saw is good at small artworks at handle,from handles and starters

When  you hold this chain saw,you find little vibration and light noise,so family use its own market and it is its own position.

Maybe you want to test this GTARDENTEC branded machines,

You can see,from its performance,its body is not so large,but its function is respected as big chain saws such as 52cc,this is nice chain saws you can use.

If you want to buy for Thailand market,surely the power much be under 1 HP.In order to follow the Thailand customs rules,we can find a solution to decrease the power under 0.50Kw/3600rpm.

We have tested at least 80 hours,there is breakdown or changes,so we think,this quality belong to middle high quality.

GTARDENTEC brand can bring you good quality and service