Single wheel weeds brushcutters driven weeds cutter is coming out to Market

Source: ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC IMP&EXP CO.,LTDPublication time:2019-07-24

Single wheel weeds brushcutters driven weeds cutter

This single wheeled brush cutters driven weeds cutters can be featuered as following:

1.Light weight:2.7kg with gear case assembly

2.Balance is good to use

3.Specialized blades size can be more efficient to clear the root and skin of landscape

4.Easy to fix with other brush cutters on the market.

5.It can be used to clear the seedling in the wet land or water field.

6.It can be used to ditch and dith the mud into the root of the planters.

This is gear case is very professional to cut some hours in the dry land or wet land.long time to use

The balance weight is very good to reduce the vibration of working

The FARM BOXER branded single wheel weeds cutters can be fixed with 2-stroke engine 52cc or 4-stroke engine 35.8cc engine brush cutters.easy to operate.

We tested in the dry land,its function is followed

When you buy this machines,we can supply the weeds cutters and brush cutters for you.brush cutter is with brush cutter blade 2T blade,with this single weeds cutters,you can have it for weeds cutters,brush cutters,ditchers and seedling weeds cutters.

If you want to know how to use this machines,please check

And our customer are testing this in his fields

FARM BOXER is farmer's brand,we just develop the real practical use for the farmers,easy and economic!