Products Name:Lithium-Ion Battery

Product Category:Lithium-Ion Garden

Product Description:

An advanced lithium-ion battery, designed for all FARM BOXER line of products.

No Gasoline, No Emissions, No Power Cords.

FARM BOXER harnesses this technology to produce an exciting new line of cordless, battery-powered outdoor power equipment. The result is a new breed of environmentally responsible products, eliminating both fuel costs and exhaust emissions. You can “save green” while “going green” with FARM BOXER Lithium-Ion technology.

The 58-volt Lithium-Ion battery is designed for long running times with quick recharges and operates at full speed until depleted, so there is no gradual drop in power during use. Batteries can be charged hundreds of times without any noticeable loss in capacity, and special battery electronics constantly monitor the battery to ensure optimal operation and a long service life.


Model:CH5602                         CH5604

Input:100-240vAC 50-60Hz             100-240vAC 50-60Hz

Output:58V 2A 116W                    58V 4A 232W

Main Characteristics
Input & Output characteristics

No. Items Technical  Specifications Unit Remarks
1.1 Rated input voltage 110-220 Vac
1.2 Input voltage range 90-264 Vac
1.3 Input frequency range 47-63 Hz
1.4 Power factor >=0.96
1.5 Efficiency >=90 % Rated input, full load output
1.6 Load regulation <=±1.5 %
1.7 Voltage regulation <=±1 %

Protection Characteristics

No. Items Technical  Specifications Unit Remarks
2.1 Output overvoltage protection Yes Locked
2.2 Over temp protection 85-105 ºC
2.3 Current-limiting protection Yes A
2.4 Short circuit protection Yes Auto-recovery
2.5 Prevent flow backward Yes
2.6 Reverse polarity protection Yes Reversed polarity without output
2.7 Input Undervoltage  protection Yes
2.8 Input Overvoltage  protection Yes

Battery Management Characteristics

No. Items Technical  Specifications Unit Remarks
3.1 Equalizing charge voltage Settable Vdc Depend to the characteristics of battery set
3.2 Floating-charge voltage Vdc
3.3 Charge current limiting A
3.4 Undervoltage Vdc
3.5 No-load mode Orange LED lights out, Green LED Lights
3.6 Prepare charging mode Orange LED lights, Green LED flashing
3.7 Constant current mode Orange LED lights, Green LED lights
3.8 Full charge mode Orange LED lights,Green LED lights out
3.9 Fault model Orange LED flashing,Green LED flashing

Environmental Conditions

No. Items Technical  Specifications Unit Remarks
4.1 Operation temperature -40~+55 ºC
4.2 Storage temperature -50~+70 ºC
4.3 Relative humidity ≤90% No condensing
4.4 Cooling Forced cooling
4.5 Barometric 70~106 Kpa
4.6 Altitude ≤3500 m
4.7 Vibration Product can endure random vibration of 5~500HZ from three vertical directions, the acceleration spectral density of 5~10Hz is 10/s3, 10~200Hz is 3/s3,200~500Hz is 1/s3,for 20 minutes per direction.
4.8 Shock Half-sine wave,acceleration is 20G,pulse width is 11mS, in X, Y, Z three directions for three times respectively

Safety & EMC

No. Items Technical  Specifications Remarks
5.1 Electric  Strength Test Input-Output 3000Vac/10mA/1min No breakdown
Input-Ground 1500Vac/10mA/1min
Output--Ground 500Vac/10mA/1min
5.2 Isolation Resistance Input-Output ≥10MΩ@ 500Vdc Under normal atmospheric pressure, relative humidity is 90%
Input-Ground ≥10MΩ@ 500Vdc
Output--Ground ≥10MΩ@ 500Vdc
5.3 Ground fault current <3.5mA
5.4 EMC CE CLASS A EN55014
5.5 Safety TBD Design meets UL60950 and EN60950

FARM BOXER Lithium-Ion battery powered products:

  • Eliminate fuel costs for less expensive long-term operation
  • No cord, no exhaust emissions, no gasoline smell
  • Instant startup – just pull the trigger
  • No need for oil and fuel mixing
  • Less vibrations and quieter equipment performance
  • No gradual drop in power –runs at full speed until battery is depleted
  • Long service life – more than 80% of battery capacity remains after 1200 charges
  • Battery design monitors temperature and shuts down if too warm or too cold
  • Intelligent battery circuit board exchanges data between tool and charger
  • LED display
  • Real time cell monitor
  • Smart electronic communication
  • Multi-layers of safety protection
  • Compatiable for all 58V tools.

FARM BOXER always supplies high quality and high-tech products for customers, we have relevant engineers and service teams for the markets.

FARM BOXER is your reliable trustable garden and household brand, Enjoy FARM BOXER,enjoy your gar

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The small engine machine is producing substantial environmental and health hazards. Americans collectively own an estimated 100 million gas-powered snow blowers, lawn mowers, trimmers, leaf blowers, tillers, chainsaws and other small lawn and garden tools. Gas mowers alone represent five percent of U.S. air pollution.

To help paint the picture as to why you should consider switching your gas-guzzling lawn and garden equipment to the battery-powered counterparts, we created an info graphic discussing the small changes you can make to have a big impact on our planet.