FARM BOXER is from a company which he  worked for 14 years since 2001,with sales manager for all products of innovation, was established when he felt very fresh after getting out of the gate of Primer Company.

Now because of the global economic situation and market demand, the orders are smaller and smaller and many small  customers hope to get small quantity of products, what’s more, one order is broken into pieces of various kinds of products, therefore it is very difficult for big company to deal with the small orders, even more, now the online sales become more and more popular with the world because the wireless and mobile phone Is over to all peoples, it is time to open a company to deal with these things.

And because of 20 years developing of manufacture capacity in China, basic production equipment and techniques are quite matures and stable, production capacity is very high and the quality control is very strict also,FARM BOXER has complete quality self-checking systems from parts to finished products

This company name meaning is that, we provide good solution and high technique for your living environment and to protect our global earth. he has the following idea:

1)  We have flexible production line for small or big quantity order.

2)       We can accept all quantity of your order or new production of innovation,we can produce for customers with OEM brands,especially we have the capacity to develop new products in short time.

3)       We can help you to control your goods inspection of testing report and provide all really truth report for your order from factory and send them to you first time, only after you check your goods by your eyes, the goods can be released to load and ship.

4)       We have good relationship with some shipping company or big shipping forwarders who can arrange best solution of shipment for your goods; we can provide best prices and safest shipping lines.
5)       We import goods from aboard, such as high technique and good solution for products and special products you want to sell in China. If customers need us, we can be your brand agents or sales agents in China and find the market for customers.
6)       We can be guider for your business tourist and travel, some super business car and translators can be arranged for you 24 hours.
7)       We produce high quality products with long time service worth of prices.

Meet our partner’s satisfaction by improving technique and quality is our first attention, environment and innovation are our values

Now our first step is to develop new products such as special water pump and sprayers for farm, and also we are helping our customers to look for promotional products and special things.

FARM BOXER is just responsibility for producing and keeping stock of all spare parts.

FARM BOXER designs and develops new products and new solution for high-technique products as well as service and solution for claims from customers, at same time, this company control all steps for all partners including factory investigation, quality-systems performance and quality control, goods checking on production line, checking before shipment and all steps for shipments.FARM BOXER  only produces general gasoline engine powered garden machines such as brush cutters, chain saws, earth augers ,tillers and water pumps, outboard machines, and so on.

FARM BOXER is specialized high technique products such as 4 stroke gasoline engine with low emission salutation for Euro and American emission standard, is focused on communication with engineers and technique from over the world, especially is responsibility for sales and after sales service for all products.

In order to solve all problems and claims from the market, there are 4 service centre and technique centre over the world, Moscow service centre, Poland service centre, USA service centre and Thailand service centre. When some quality problems or claims happen, our service with technique teams firstly follow you and find the solution.

After 2 years development,the new company website faced all of you with more detailed information and lively photos,we hope all customers can can find what you need here.

Some new products are listed there,plase check

Now farm boxer will provide more products before you.

These products is specialized its performance and goo d function,please check specification and prices/