The operation method of Brush cutter

Source: ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC IMP&EXP CO.,LTDPublication time:2017-11-27

1. wearing a long sleeved shirt and long pants, prohibited to wear loose fitting clothes, wearing a helmet, goggles, the best wear earmuffs to avoid noise, wear texture is not easy to slip shoes, no slippers or barefoot use machine.

2. do not operate in hot or cold climates for long periods of time, and have proper rest time.

3. people who do not allow drunken, cold or sick people, children and those who are not familiar with the proper operation of the mower operate the mower.

4. refuel after the engine stops running and cools down.

5. to avoid excessive oil overflow, if overflow need to wipe clean.

6. the machine can start at least 1 meters away from the object.

7. the machine must be used in a well ventilated outdoor area.

8. before each use, must check whether the blade is sharp or wear, clutch screws are locked.

9. because some motor motor sound is big, should avoid in the rest of the time to use the annex personnel rest.

Start must check

1. check whether the oil tank leaks holes

2. must be replaced with a sharp blade instead of an abnormal blade

3. to ensure that others are not in danger areas can start the engine

4. start the engine, you need to seize the lever so as not to lose control due to vibration

5. before starting, it is necessary to confirm that the blade is far away from the ground and has no contact with other objects

6. be sure to use the spare parts supplied by the manufacturer, especially the blade

7. check whether the cover is locked.

Matters needing attention

If the machine has abnormal vibration during operation, the engine must be stopped immediately.

The machine must be operated with both hands, and no one hand operation is prohibited.

One side of engine silencer should be outward to avoid scalding.

When using, pay attention to adjust the oil, weeding machine is burning mixed oil, otherwise the motor will be damaged. After the end of the use, try to pour out the oil.

Mowing method

Because the blade is left turn, the efficient direction is from left to right.

The most efficient mowing is to cut 2/3 of the diameter of the blade into weeds.

Attention should be paid after operation

1., the use of the blade package, so as not to accidentally hurt others or yourself.

2. if you don't need to clear the tank for a few days so as not to fire because of oil spills.

3. determine the blade completely stop, then cleaning maintenance inspection work.

4. dismantle the spark plug wire to avoid accidental fire.

5. wait for the engine to cool completely and then store it.

6. keep the machine in a cool and dry place and keep children out of contact.

7. add lubricating oil to the gear box every 25 hours or 3 days and add lubricating oil to the inner and outer pipes.

8. clean air filter and spark plug every 50 hours or 8 days.

9. clean mufflers and drums every 100 hours or 15 days.

10. apply the butter on the blade for a long time, so as to avoid the rust of the blade.

11. after use, the blade should be placed in the hands of children unable to reach the place.