What are the classifications of Brush cutter?

Source: ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC IMP&EXP CO.,LTDPublication time:2017-11-27


According to different classification standards, the mower can be divided into the following categories:

1, according to the March: intelligent semi automatic towing line, after the implementation of type, type, type of tractor suspension mounts.

2, according to the motive: people work drive, motor drive, electric drive, driven by solar energy.

3, according to the method: hob type, rotary, side hung, flail.

4, according to the requirements: flat, half waist, cut top type.

Hand rotary mower is generally equipped with no cutter cutting disc, using high strength nylon rope as forage cutting parts, flexible structure, not afraid to encounter rigid obstacles, the use of relatively safe, replacement is also very convenient.

The working mode of the mower is reciprocating and rotary. Its high mowing efficiency saves time greatly, and realizes the function of green environment protection and beautifying environment. The operation is simple, convenient and efficient, so it is widely used. The machine is compact and suitable for small and medium size lawn. Using the mower according to the requirements of the determination of mowing stubble height, very convenient to use.

Cut only along the slope to slope lateral pruning, pruning. Modern mowers are easier to operate.


In the form of a sample of a hanging mower, the hanging mower is a side hanging on the body, one is back on the body. In comparison, the side suspension is lighter, more durable and more efficient.

Side mounted mower

Durability reasons:

(1) in theory, using the same engine to achieve the same function, the more complex the structure, the more factors of failure, the backpack structure is more complex, so prone to problems. The actual use is also, easy to carry out the problem.

(2) from the actual situation, the domestic cutting machine market is basically the professional market, is durable machine. Therefore, the domestic market basically does not use the backpack type, almost all of the side hanging type.

Mounted mower

The structure is simple, light and flexible. There are three kinds of front suspension type, side suspension type and rear suspension type, and the latter is the most widely used type. The reciprocating mower consists of the main components of the cutter, cutter transmission device, cutter lifting device, safety device and grass blocking device. The working principle and structure of the cutter are basically the same as those of the grain harvester.

There are two kinds of blades with bright blade and serrated blade. Light blade is generally used. The cutter transmission device is similar to the grain harvester, and the offset crank connecting rod mechanism and the swing ring mechanism are mostly adopted. Because the grass growth density, high water content, higher than the average speed of knife grain harvester, generally 1.6 ~ 2 m / s.. The lifting device of the cutter is usually operated by hydraulic system, so it is convenient and fast, and can ensure the adaptability of the cutter to the complex ground.


The relative shear motion of reciprocating mower cutter knife and the fixed knife on the cutting grass. It is characterized by cutting stubble neatly and requiring less power per unit cutting width, but it has poor adaptability to different growth conditions and is easy to jam. It is suitable for flat natural grassland and artificial pasture with general yield. Because the vibration of the cutter is large during operation, the operation speed is limited. The knife cutting speed is generally less than 3 meters per second, the speed of operation is generally 6 ~ 8 km / h.

Rotary type

The rotary mower, the blade on the high speed rotating cutter, impacts the cutting speed of the herbage (the circumferential velocity at the root of the blade edge) as high as 60~90 meters per second. The work is steady and the speed of the work can reach 15 km / h.. The choice of the blade of the mower is very important. It means that the mower is good or bad. Using lawn mower weeding, the grass grows to 10-13 centimeters (CM), the effect is better. If the grass grows too high, it should be done in two steps. First cut the upper part, then cut the lower part. When using a mower, both hands should be kept and kept to a certain degree on the side of the fruit tree so that the weeds can be cut down to the edge of the fruit tree as much as possible. With medium speed throttle and constant speed, fuel consumption can be saved. When the resistance is too large or the obstacle occurs, the blade is immediately turned back to avoid damage. The side edge of the blade mouth can use side wear. Replacing blades is more convenient than reciprocating mowers. In addition to a safety device similar to a reciprocating mower, a protective cover is added above the cutter to ensure personal safety.

Note: the use of rotary lawn mower is relying on the blade to rotate in a high speed to cut, if the tip of the line speed is not enough, then cut the effect is not good. So, when you use the lawnmower throttle speed. In addition, the carburetor and the automatic speed regulating device of the mower make the fuel consumption of the mower not high because of no load at the big throttle. Only when the load, the speed will reach 2800r.p.m. from no-load 3400r.p.m so, need not because to save fuel and small throttle, while grass effect is not good.