Customers from different counties are very intterested in tillers,rice millers,trimmers,multifunction heads brush cutters,solar water pump,gasoline engine pumps

Source: ZHEJIANG GARDENTEC IMP&EXP CO.,LTDPublication time:2018-04-22

This Canton fair,about handreds of customers have asked about the specification and prices,how to use and quality warantty ,we have introduce our sales policy for them:

1.All of the quality is under our control system inspection,all goods will be waranteed by 100% before shipment.

2.We always offer our customers reasonables prices based on quality and service support.

3.We care about the quality and service after sales.

4.In each districts,we only built one partners,we avoid price-fighting by ourselves.

5.We always provide what the farmers and gardeners need.

So all of the customers are very interested our quality and service ,and hope to establish business

From their faces,you can see,they are very happy to talk with us

This customers is from Afhan,althrough some wars there,so I think,we need to do business with these friends

He is very interested in our farmer machines,especially the tillers and water pump,he told me his story about the business,and how to send goods to customers.

Sometimes,if the products are very new tech,maybe he is a little debuts about its function of solar water pump,"One time to pay money,0 cost to use",from his face,he thought it is impossible,but in fact,it was.

Oh,this is my friends,he comes from India and just looked for us,when he saw me there,"Oh,you are still on the world",so we have to stand together and took a was difficult for him to look for me,because the man is not clear,he gone around 3 cycles to look for me,he is very interested in the augers,solar water pump,brush cutters.

Woa!so good! he told me and felt a doubt for its solar pump,after I introduced this specification,he then knocked his water pump can solve the problem for him

This guy is very lovely to see the multifunctional heads,he took out his all brochures from others,just put our small brocures into his bag which is too much,full!he said,our multifunctional heads brush cutters is what his farmer needs,just do it!

All of my customers said ths rice millers machines are very attractive and high quality-looking,in fact it was,we have so many goods to Asia market,till now,all of them are positive feedback,but you know,all products need negative feedback so that it can be improved,we like to hear all claims.

Oh,the most thing was my wife,she is preganant for our third baby,she had to prepare everything for the 123th Canton fair,and she was the power of my life,without she,I can not go ahead smoothly.

All friends on the photo will be provided a small gifts when you place order or see the next time of fair.we like to talk with you.thanks for your information